EKKI Timber Mats

We can supply top quality Ekki timber mats in any size direct from the factory in Holland at the keenest prices. For the best price please call: (028) 89561820.

What is EKKI?

Ekki is native to tropical West Africa with large quantities being exported from Gabon and Cameroon. As Ekki mats are classified as a heavy ‘hardwood’ type of mat, as they are so dense they do not float well. They are an ideal hardwood mat for wetland, peaty, boggy and waterlogged areas.

We’ve listed the main characteristics of our Ekki wood mats below, which should help you to calculate the thickness and size of mats you need, to determine if Ekki mats are the right choice for you.


  • Botanic Name: Lophira alata
  • Common Names: Ekki, Azobe, Red Ironwood
  • Volume Mass: 1,010 kg per cubic metre
  • Elasticity Module: 18,600 N per mm sq
  • Flexibility Strength: 157 N per mm sq
  • Pressure Strength: 72 N per mm sq
  • Slide Strength: 17.1 N per mm sq
  • Durability Class: 1

The timber has a high breaking strength and can withstand tremendous pressures. Due to ifs great strength and durability Ekki is ideally suited for use in marine constructions exposed to wind and weather, It has a high electrical resistance and is perhaps the most acid resistant commercial timber available.

The tree can grow to a height of 40 – 50 metres with a maximum diameter of 1.8 -2.0 metres. The trunks are usually free of branches up to 25 – 30 metres, which makes it an ideal timber for producing long lengths of large sections.

Net weight (kg/m3)-1100-1300

Durability – very resistant to decay and marine borers. Class 1 Very durable. Working Qualities – difficult with hand tools but takes a good machine finish. Nailing and screwing – drilling beforehand is necessary.

Working Qualities – difficult with hand tools but takes a good machine finish.

Nailing and screwing – drilling beforehand is necessary.